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Success demands the ability to effectively engage and interact with others.  Hallmarks of leadership are having the ability to proactively problem solve, appreciate and leverage the strengths of others and fully contribute one’s individual capabilities.  All too often students are assigned to teams to work on group assignments with little guidance on what it takes to be an effective, contributing team member often resulting in frustration.  Successful leaders are able to figure out what needs to be done and collaborate with others in a positive, purposeful way to get the desired results.  Developing the skills required for successful group projects and assignments position students for successful academic careers -and beyond.

Program: Rising Leaders

  • Designed to develop the leadership competencies that uniquely positions each student for success.
  • Addresses collaboration, communication, attitude and motivation.  
  • Commitment to trackable behavior change

Our strengths-based methodology combines lecturette, participatory activities, small and large group discussion and shared learnings.  Participants can expect content-rich handouts that cement their learning and can facilitate knowledge transfer.


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